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Finding the right synthetic oil for your engine can be tough. There are many options to choose from and many different competitors claiming to be the "best." With our review list, hopefully, we can help you decide the best synthetic oil for your car. Our reviews are the top five oils out of a list of many. Each oil can be purchased in different viscosity measurements (5w-40, 10w-40, etc.) so find the one you like, then pick your viscosity ratings. 

Our Top Pick of Synthetic Oil

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Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

Best Synthetic Oil Reviews

Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil

Mobil 1 makes some of the highest grade synthetic oil on the market today. It is a number one seller online and in most auto-parts stores. It’s easy to see why when you test it out, but maybe not when just reading about it — that’s where we come in and help you understand why.

Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil is manufactured in the USA. This helps ensure quality because of the strict manufacturing and chemical guidelines that the U.S. places on engine oil. Along with being made in the U.S., Mobil 1 fine-tunes all of their motor oil to allow top performance in all types of weather and driving conditions.

The viscosity of Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil has been created to aid in fuel economy and provide top of the line capabilities in low-temperature conditions. It has one of the quickest “response” times for flowing and lubricating your engine. The formula goes to work immediately in cold weather, which helps to extend your engine life. Cheap synthetic oil can take longer to reach a full liquid state which can cause damage to your engine by failing to lubricate all of the moving parts. Mobil 1 synthetic covers those parts of your engine fast.

Mobil 1 120764 Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30, 5 Quart

The best fully synthetic oil will provide lasting performance the entire length of the oil change interval. That is precisely what Mobil 1 provides. Motor oil that will last not only through the manufacturer's recommended oil change interval but will continue to work even if you can’t change it at the exact time you should. Mobil 1 synthetic oil will help prevent sludge build-up and help to avoid deposits to provide your engine with prolonged life.

Additional user reviews were off the charts for this particular engine oil. In fact, it was ranked exceptionally well in the automotive category. One user reported that they use Mobil 1 on all vehicles they have owned because of the extremely high-quality product they make. He stated that he performed regular oil changes at 25,000 miles and even extended it after seeing a Mobil 1 engine oil test where the oil was perfectly fine after 100,000 miles.

Mobil 1 synthetic comes in a variety of SAE viscosity grades, so check your vehicle's recommended viscosity. As with all synthetic engine oil, make sure you are changing it at regular intervals — even if it's rated as high mileage.

Why It Made The List: The response time for which the oil flows evenly throughout your engine is one of the best in the industry.

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Castrol EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol synthetic motor oil is a world-class brand. It has users talking about how good it is all the time. One of the main positives about Castrol EDGE is that its viscosity breakdown point is three times stronger than other leading conventional motor oil and even stronger than other synthetic oil. If your oil is able to withstand higher breakdown points, it will last longer and provide greater protection for your engine.

Castrol synthetic engine oil has been tested to provide protection that is nearly unrivaled against oxidation and even deposits and wear. It will most certainly help to prolong your engine’s life when used correctly. In fact, Castrol will fight those “power robbing deposits” an estimated 42 percent better than some of the other leading brands.

One thing that makes a good product great is when independent people or organizations confirm the results of quality checks. Castrol EDGE has stood up to the tests of the manufacturer but has also passed user run tests. One particular user compiles and compares data sheets on oil and found that this full synthetic oil was rated number one on the market.

Price-wise, this top synthetic oil is very competitive and will provide you with fantastic bang for your buck. The price per quart is on par with the other top of the line synthetic oils we reviewed, meaning you won't get price gouged if you want to feed your car one of the best motor oils on the market.

One noteworthy “feature” of Castrol EDGE full synthetic, is that meets recommendations for multiple high-performance car manufacturers. One such is the BMW LL-01. The recommended oil for this model can be hard to find, expensive or both. Other vehicle recommendations this oil meets are Mercedes Benz 229.5 and 229.3, VW 505.00 and Porsche A40.

Castrol synthetic engine oil will provide your engine with excellent coverage and a very reasonable price. You and your engine will not be disappointed when you purchase this top-of-the-line motor oil.

Why It Made The List: The viscosity breakdown point is a lot better than most leading motor oils by almost 3x.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Pennzoil full synthetic motor oil is top-rated engine oil, and it outranks much of the competition. For this reason, it makes our best synthetic oil list. Although this isn't the best of the best, it is indeed a great alternative if for some reason you cannot get the best.

Pennzoil helps to prevent your engine from losing power by adequately lubricating it and functioning at a broader range of temperatures. This is because Pennzoil Ultra Platinum has been formulated with a unique technology they refer to as PurePlus.

PurePlus helps to pump the motor oil through your engine at various temperatures ranging from extremely hot all the way to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. PurePlus is achieved by converting natural gas into full synthetic base oil that is 99.5 percent pure. Finally, PurePlus helps prevent a lot of oil from evaporating off hot surfaces in your engine — including piston rings.

Pennzoil 550038330 Ultra Platinum 5W-20 Full Synthetic Motor Oil- 5 Quart Jug

Users of Pennzoil motor oil have nothing but good things to say about it. The Ultra Platinum also has a near perfect rating with almost 400 individuals polled on Amazon. Most users claim that they are getting super high mileage by using this oil and that they often find that they change this oil less frequently because of its superior quality. Pennzoil itself claims that users will typically be able to drive an extra 550 miles per year while using it.

When using Pennzoil full synthetic motor oil, you will see a significant difference and massive improvement in your engine, even after a short time. It is rated a top brand for a reason. Your engine will run smoother, you will perform fewer oil changes, and your wallet will thank you because of it. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum will deliver to your high standards.

Why It Made The List: PurePlus is a great added benefit that can allow you to drive an estimated 550 miles more per year than other synthetic engine oil.

Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

This High-Performance Royal Purple synthetic oil is undoubtedly one of the best engine oils available. It makes our exclusive top five list because of it’s high quality. It is a tad more expensive than some of the other top synthetic oil brands we reviewed, but in this case, you pay for what you get — and that is premium full synthetic oil.

In addition to providing your engine with enhanced protection from oxidation, Royal Purple brand synthetic oil will even help to protect your catalytic emission system. Repairing or replacing this system can be very expensive so any extra protection you can provide to it will be a great benefit to your wallet.

One of the best things about Royal Purple synthetic engine oil is that you don't need to do anything special to prepare your car when switching from your current oil to this top brand. If you have a new car, it is recommended to use conventional oil for the break-in period, but after that, you can immediately switch to Royal Purple and see some fantastic benefits. The lubricants are compatible with other synthetic oil or mineral oil — meaning it works just fine in both diesel and gasoline engines after using another brand.

Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil - 5 qt.

Royal Purple engine oil even works in higher mileage engines as well. The manufacturer recommends running a minimum of two shorter oil change intervals to allow the high-performance synthetics to help remove the buildup from previous oil usages. The frequent initial changes prevent deposits from breaking loose in mass and clogging your filter, in addition to letting the Royal Purple oil set in.

Royal Purple synthetic oil has not been shown to cause your engine to leak more oil than usual. This is a common concern and misconception when switching from conventional motor oil to a full synthetic. Deposits and build-up may be blocking a small leak that exists already, and when you change to Royal Purple, those buildups get broken down — possibly causing more of the leak to be exposed. The manufacturer recommends fixing all holes before switching to a synthetic.

Users of Royal Purple engine oil were all extremely impressed. It even got some of the highest ratings among users on Amazon in the oil category. While you should follow your car manufacturer's guidelines for oil change intervals, some users report only needing to change their oil twice per year when using Royal Purple. This is why it makes the list as one of the best synthetic oil brands.

Why It Made The List: It works with high mileage engines of both diesel and gasoline. You also don't need to do anything special to your engine to "prepare" it for this synthetic engine oil.

Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil

Valvoline MaxLife ranks in at number three in our list of the best synthetic oil. One of the best things about this oil is the price. When compared to other top brands, this is some cheap synthetic oil. It is not inferior quality, but reasonable in price. Pair that with the quality name of Valvoline, and you have a winning oil that will treat your engine right and protect it for a long time.

Valvoline MaxLife has been specially formulated to help seal oil leaks in your engine. Its seal conditioners will help to stop and even prevent future leaks by rejuvenating aging engines. Valvoline synthetic oil also comes with extra wear protection to aid in preventing damage to your engine.

Users love this oil and give it positive reviews left and right. One feature that really stands out among the other top synthetic oil is that it is rated as a high mileage oil. Most of the other synthetic oil brands are not explicitly labeled as high mileage, although they typically perform just as good. However, this Valvoline MaxLife contains a few more ingredients to help give those older engines some love.

Valvoline 782256 MaxLife SAE 5W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil - 5 Quart

This synthetic engine oil comes with extra detergents that are designed to bond with deposits and sludge. Once bonded, the muck and deposits will make their way to your oil filter and be collected for removal. The next time you change your filter, you will get rid of this junk, and your engine will function that much smoother. In addition to these detergents, Valvoline has included anti-oxidants that help perform the same function of removing and cleaning sludge. The antioxidants also help prevent oil breakdown, which further prevents build-up.

When purchasing Valvoline MaxLife full synthetic oil, you are getting a top quality synthetic oil at a bargain price. If you’ve signed up for Amazon Prime, you will save even more. Plus you will have the oil delivered to your doorstep instead of dealing with trying to find it at your local automotive store — and possibly paying more for it.

Why It Made The List: Valvoline synthetic has extra detergents and anti-oxidants to aid in the removal of sludge and deposits.

Best Synthetic Engine Oil

Changing your oil can be done at home. Once it has been properly drained and recapped, simply add the synthetic oil until it reaches the full mark.

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Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil
Castrol EDGE Synthetic Motor Oil
Valvoline MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil
Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil

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