essential things to keep in your car during the winter

Essential Things to Keep in Your Car During the Winter

The first winds of the winter are here, and snowfall is approaching fast. You’re already bundling up against the weather – but what about your car? A full tank of gas and a spare set of keys are definitely not enough to get you through the chilly winter. Although accidents are prevalent all year round, they tend to be worse and more frequent when the snow strikes. We are here to help: today’s article will tell you about everything you will need to make your car winter-safe this season.

vehicle snow winter driving essential things for your car

1. Snow brushes

Do not set out in these months without snow brushes. A light flurry of snow may build a good few inches on your car by the time you’re ready to leave from work. This pile may jam your windshield, windows, roof, everything really. Brushing the windows are not enough – the cause of many car accidents is piles of snow from the car’s roof covering the windshield and blocking visibility. Keep and use the snow brushes in your vehicle to prevent any such disasters.

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2. Jumper cables

Guess what causes the maximum number of people to get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the thick of a snowstorm. That’s right – a dead battery. Jumper cables are necessary equipment which will save you both time and money if your battery suddenly dies down. They can give your car the boost it needs to go the few extra miles, but do remember to change the battery the first chance you get. Safely using jumper cables is something every motorist should know, so take a minute and educate yourself today.

3. Food and Warm Clothing

If for some unfortunate reason, you do find yourself trapped in the middle of a snowstorm with no way out, then these two things will pretty much save your life. Relying on a heater for warmth is an unwise choice, since if your car battery is dead the heater will no longer work. Warm clothes are reliable and foolproof. Life is not like fiction novels where a handsome savior will instantly find you and lend you their heater/jacket. Keeping some dry snacks is a safety measure in case you find yourself stuck for some length of time. Storing a bag of Doritos won’t hurt right? So keep them.

winter car driving essentials

4. First aid kit, emergency flares, and a flashlight

You should already have the first thing in your car. Please berate yourself a bit if you don’t. As mentioned before, accidents tend to happen more often in the slippery dark roads of winter. The time it takes for help to arrive is also greater than usual since roads may be blocked due to the weather. Keep some basic first aid kit like painkillers, bandages, and antiseptics in your car to help a person in the case of injury. Emergency flares and flashlights will prove immensely helpful to you too, since it gets dark much earlier than normal in the winter.

5. Shovel

You may find yourself desperately in need of one of these to clear the road ahead. Especially in areas of heavy snowfall, keeping a shovel in your car is just a matter of simple common sense.

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