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Whether you’re a first-time driver or have been driving for many years, we probably all have had it happen to us. It can be one of the worst feelings in the world. You hop in your car, put the key in, turn it, and all you hear is click click click. Or even worse you don’t hear anything at all. I’m talking about the dreaded dead battery. You quickly look in your trunk or in the back your car and luckily you invested in the best jumper cables, and your spirit is immediately lifted. With a good pair of jumper cables in hand, you flag down the nearest motorist and ask them for a boost.

With this review guide, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that if your car battery ever dies, you will have a high-quality booster cable handy. All of the products we reviewed today we’re very close in price and even closer in quality. It was hard to choose the best jumper cable, but we did. Although, I think you’ll be satisfied no matter which one you purchase.

Our Top Pick of Jumper Cables

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Amazonbasics Jumper Cable - 4 Gauge, 20-Foot

Best Jumper Cables Reviews

CARTMAN Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft in carrying Bag

The first product up on our list is the Cartman booster cable. This particular cable comes in two lengths of 16 feet and 20 feet. Both are about the same in price so we would suggest going with an extra 4 feet just in case your car is facing the wrong direction when the battery dies. Both lengths are four gauge UL listed cable.

One notable feature about the Cartman jumper cable is that the manufacturer offers a five-year warranty. This particular set of wires will fit both the side-post and top-post batteries, so it’s safe to say you’re covered no matter which type you have. These booster cables are perfect for a wide range of vehicles from full-size cars to cargo vans, and midsize pickups to freight hauling trucks. These cables also come with a nice bag to store them in, so you don’t end up with a spaghetti mess in the trunk of your car. There is a third cable option that has an EVA zipper case instead of the nylon drawstring bag. One thing to note with these cables is that they are copper clad aluminum instead of a solid copper core wire. But for the quality and price, you will be delighted. Hundreds of users had nothing but great things to say about the Cartman booster cables.

Why It Made The List: The five-year warranty and the fact that so many people had such great things to say.

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EPAuto 4 Gauge x 20 Ft 500A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cables

The EPauto heavy duty jumper cable comes in one style and one length. You get four gauge, 20-foot long booster cables, and a few extra goodies with it. This particular product is the plain and straightforward, no-frills option, with the exception being that these booster cables come with a travel bag and a pair of safety work gloves.

EPAuto jumper cables are perfect for just about any small to midsize car. They also work very well on SUVs, trucks, and vans. The manufacturer also states that they work well on motorcycles. Some of the other cables that we reviewed I had fancy clamps to provide more options when connecting to your battery. These EPAuto cables have a fairly basic standard clamp design. We believe they should work on most side post and top post batteries. As with most of the cables in this price range, these are copper coated wire and not solid copper. With more than 1,000 reviews left on Amazon, they have a 90% five-star rating. You will not be disappointed in these cables.

Why It Made The List: Although there is only one length option, at 20 feet, you’re at the average length. As a plus, these cables come with a bag and a pair of safety work gloves.

Energizer 4-Gauge 500A Jumper Battery Cables 20 Ft Booster Jump Start

Just about everybody recognizes the name brand Energizer when it comes to anything power or battery related. It is for that reason that this manufacturer made the list of the best jumper cables for your car. This particular product came with the most available length and gauge options, ranging anywhere from 16 feet to 30 feet and from six gauge all the way down to one gauge. As widely as the lengths varied, so too did the price for each different cable. This particular product at 20 feet and four gauge wire weren’t any more or less expensive than any the other products we reviewed so we can safely say if you choose this cable you’ll get your money’s worth.

This Energizer cable is UL listed and is ideal for starting both weak and dead batteries. This cable Will work on a wide range of vans, small or compact cars, large SUVs, and even midsize cars. Like the other products on our list, this cable comes in a travel bag for easy transport in storage. This Energizer booster cable is a copper clad aluminum wire and not solid copper core. The manufacturer claims that the cable will remain flexible at temperatures of down to -40°C. Some users were highly impressed at the strength of the clamps on these jumper cables. You may not use these cables every day, but when you need it, it will work.

Why It Made The List: Energizer is a leading name brand in anything related to power. These jumper cables reinforce that name brand and are synonymous with quality.

OxGord Jumper Cable 4 Gauge x 25 Feet Commercial Grade 500 AMP

The OxGord jumper cables are the least expensive product on our list of the best jumper cables. Despite being the least costly, they offer one of the most extended length options available. This particular cable is 25 feet long and is made of four gauge copper clad aluminum wire. Other length options include 12 and 16 feet. Other gauge options include six, eight, and 10 gauge.

Similarly to the other products, this cable comes with an included carrying case. The manufacturer claims that the clamps on this cable have an ergonomic design that makes them ideal for use on side terminal and top post batteries. You will be able to use these booster cables on cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. Much like the other cables, these OxGord cables are coated with a no-tangle flexible rubber-like material. Most users were delighted with the extra 5 feet in cord length that they received with this product. As should be the case, most people have only used these cables once or twice. We recommend these cables to anybody who owns a car, truck, or motorcycle.

Why It Made The List: This jumper cable comes in different gauge and length options. The 25-foot length is welcomed.

Amazonbasics Jumper Cable - 4 Gauge, 20-Foot

The final product on our list of the best jumper cables comes directly from Amazon’s own product line Amazonbasics. Because they’re Amazon name brand, they are backed by limited one year warranty. This brand comes in several lengths and gauge options ranging from two gauge all the way up to 10 gauge and from 12 feet all the way to 20 feet. You will be able to find the exact cable you need.

Like some of the other products on this list, these jumper cables are UL certified. They are ideal for full-size cars, midsize cars, and small or compact cars. Like just about every single jumper cable on the market, this brand is color-coded red and black so you can find which terminal on the battery you need to connect to. This particular product also comes with a carrying case. The alligator clamps on this cable are spring loaded and designed to fit snugly around the battery terminals. Some users were disappointed that these are copper clad aluminum wires and not solid copper core, but for this price point, they are being unreasonable. For the average motorist, these cables will do precisely what they are designed to do. Purchasing these cables for yourself or a friend/loved one would be a wise decision.

Why It Made The List: Backed by the Amazon name brand, you get a high-quality cable at a reasonable price.

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Complete Comparison Chart

Amazonbasics Jumper Cable - 4 Gauge, 20-Foot
Energizer Booster Cables 4-Gauge, 20 ft
EPAuto Heavy Duty Jumper Cables 4 Gauge x 20 Ft
CARTMAN Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft
OxGord Jumper Cable 4 Gauge x 25 Feet

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