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One of the most forward-looking (no pun intended) applications of modern technology is headlights. Halogen headlight bulbs are the go-to replacement bulb for many automotive professionals and everyday drivers. While standard halogen lights provide you with just enough light to see ahead of you, the really good halogen headlights will provide you with 100-150 percent more down road light.

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SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulbs High Performance SilverStar zXe

Reviews of the Best Halogen Headlight Bulbs

SYLVANIA High Performance SilverStar zXe

These halogen headlight bulbs by Sylvania are fantastic. They will probably be some of the best replacement headlight bulbs you will ever buy for your car. When compared to other premium halogen bulbs, they are very reasonably priced and provide excellent lighting improvements.

The halogen headlights provide all the look and feel of a HID headlight, but don't have any of the drawbacks like warm-up time. Although they have the cobalt blue coating, the light they produce is crisp and white.

It seems as though most of the user reviews were comparing these halogen headlight bulbs to full HID or LED conversion kits. Sylvania’s halogen bulbs raked in a boat-load of four and five-star ratings through Amazon, but also pulled some lower rankings as well, which in turn lowered the overall score. Again, we feel that this was because they were being compared to full-on conversion kits.

SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulbs High Performance SilverStar zXe

Since we are ranking top rated halogen headlight bulbs, these SilverStar zXe’s are top notch, if not the best. They indeed are some of the brightest halogen headlight bulbs we’ve seen. These are a must buy if you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your visibility during night time driving. They come in all common headlight models such as 9006, H7 and H11. And of course, you do get two halogen bulbs in this pack.

Why It Made The List: They look like a high quality HID headlight at a fraction of the cost.

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Philips X-tremeVision

The Philips X-tremeVision halogen headlight bulbs provide you with an inexpensive way to increase your nighttime vision. Philips claims that these halogen bulbs will give you up to 100 percent more light on the road when you compare them to a standard halogen headlight bulb. This means that these are going to be ranked as one of the brightest halogen headlights available.

As with all Philips upgrade headlights, these halogen headlight bulbs are fully DOT compliant and street legal. You won't need to worry about getting pulled over and cited because you installed an aftermarket bulb that wasn't rated for street use. These halogen headlights come in a two pack. This is great because as with all headlight replacements, they should be done in pairs. Doing so will ensure that one bulb isn't brighter than the other, causing potential dark areas in your path. All halogen headlights dim slightly over time.

Philips Halogen Headlight Bulbs X-tremeVision

Users loved these replacement headlight bulbs. With over 700 reviews on Amazon, it’s hard to please everyone. Most of the negative comments can be written off as users not ordering the right size bulb for their car. Philips provided these halogen headlight bulbs with an Original Equipment Quality seal, making sure that they will be the same fit as your stock headlights.

These are not cheap halogen headlights, but they are very much not the most expensive replacement headlights either. They offer all the major headlight models including HB4, 9007 and H11. Make sure you check the correct model of your headlight before purchasing. Also, check the year because some manufactures switch lights on the same model depending on the year. You will not be disappointed with these replacement bulbs.

Why It Made The List: They are street legal and department of transportation compliant.


The Nighthawk Platinum halogen headlights from GE are an excellent contender for the number one spot on our review list. GE states that these bulbs will provide up to 90 percent more light than standard halogen bulbs. The light projected is a clean white light that produces better visibility and contrast.

For anywhere between even and three times the price of standard halogen headlight bulbs, these Nighthawk lights are a great deal. Unfortunately, the GE Nighthawk Platinum’s are at the lower end of the GE halogen headlight lifespan chart. They are rated to last less than some of the other GE lights. We believe this is ok because of the benefits of a brighter light far outweigh the shorter lifespan.

GE Halogen Headlight Bulbs Nighthawk PLATINUM

When compared to the other lights on our chart, these are slightly behind, but still worthy enough to make the list. Users generally seem to agree that these lights are great. One noted concern is that GE should provide a bit longer warranty with these lights. They only list manufacturer warranty, but don't list how long that actually is.

These lights might be some of the brightest halogen headlight bulbs. That is the main driving factor in their place in the list of halogen headlights.

Why It Made The List: Cost wise, they are very comparable to standard stock headlights, yet provide much greater vision at night.

SYLVANIA Ultra High Performance SilverStar

Sylvania adds another bulb to the list of halogen headlights. The ultra-high performance headlight bulbs are incredibly bright. This means you will have more down road visibility when choosing these bulbs. And they are street legal.

Legality is a crucial thing to consider when looking at headlights. Most, if not all halogen replacement bulbs are going to be street legal. Some other types of lights are not street legal. This might not mean much if the police officer can't tell, but if you are blinding other drivers and causing dangerous situations, you could face citations and tickets.

Sylvania’s halogen headlight bulbs will allow you to see further down the road and illuminate objects better than most cheap halogen headlights. Users would agree by stating that they no longer dread driving at night because of these replacement bulbs. These come with a 90-day warranty. It’s not much, but it’s better than something. Especially if they burn out prematurely. For the money, these are some great halogen headlight bulbs.

SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulbs Ultra High Performance SilverStar

Why It Made The List: They come with a manufacturer's 90-day warranty and are a fantastic replacement to standard OEM bulbs.

Philips Ultra Upgrade CrystalVision

Philips gets one more runner in the race for top-rated halogen headlamps. The ultra upgrade CrystalVision bulbs provide your car the look of HID headlights at about a third of the cost and a lot less effort to install. That 4000k color temperature (brightness), is attainable by just popping in some replacement halogen headlight bulbs instead of installing a HID kit.

The blue cap and blue coat on these Philips bulbs provide your car the unique blue “glow” during the daytime. When installing your CrystalVision headlights, never touch the glass with bare hands. Philips recommends using gloves when installing these lights.

Not touching the glass on a halogen bulb rings true with all bulbs of this type. That's because the oil on your hands creates hot spots where the lamp tends to fail. The CrystalVision, with the blue coating, might protect against that better than some, but always be cautious when installing halogen headlight bulbs.

Philips Halogen Headlight Bulb Ultra Upgrade CrystalVision

Users loved these headlights. And some made some excellent points about using a headlight restoration kit if you are still seeing yellow, or if the bulbs don't appear quite as bright as you think they should. Overall, the Philips halogen bulbs are good enough to make our list, twice.

Why It Made The List: These halogen bulbs give your car the look of HID headlights with the 4000k color temperature.

Halogen Headlight Bulbs

In the paragraphs below, we will give you a crash course in understanding the three main types of headlights available today so that you know what to look for, and what to look out for, the next time you are buying replacement headlight bulbs.

Today, the most common type of headlight bulb is halogen. Although the halogen bulb is slowly becoming a dated technology, it persists today as the industry standard, mainly due to its cost-effectiveness.

Like any other type of incandescent bulb, halogen bulbs create light by sending an electrical current through a tungsten filament suspended in a glass bulb filled with a mixture of the argon and nitrogen gasses. As the current passes through the filament, it heats to around 2500 degrees Celsius and glows brightly. Halogen bulbs typically last for about 1000 hours of use before burning out.

Best halogen headlight bulbs

Swapping out your OEM bulbs for brighter halogen bulbs can be done at home with no experience necessary. Double check the bulb size first and you won't have any issues.


  • The main advantages of halogen headlight bulbs are their simplicity, wide availability, and cost-effectiveness. The best halogen bulbs typically cost about $20-30 for a pair, making them very affordable for most consumers. The simple design of the halogen bulb also makes them very versatile.
  • The filament within the bulb responds almost instantaneously to different levels of electrical current, making the bulbs dimmable, and a practical option as both high beams and everyday running lights. Their simple, standard design also makes them easy to install and replace in a variety of vehicles. Although halogen bulbs generate a significant amount of heat, no unique cooling system is needed, and a housing for a halogen headlight usually consists of just a reflector and a simple electrical jack.

  • Although they are the cheapest of the three most common designs, halogen bulbs are the least energy efficient. The because they generate light by superheating the filament inside, a lot of energy is wasted as heat that radiates out from the bulb.
  • The heat generated by halogen bulbs also makes them somewhat fragile. Merely touching the glass of the lamp when replacing it can shorten its lifespan because the smudge of grease from a fingerprint can cause the bulb to heat unevenly and burn out more quickly.
Brightest halogen headlights

If changing your halogen headlights looks like this — you're doing it wrong. Just open the hood, pop out the old bulb and insert the new one.

Halogen Headlamps vs HID Headlight Kits

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights, also known as Xenon headlights, are a more advanced type of headlight bulb that started appearing on cars in the early 1990s. Rather than heating a filament within the lamp, HID bulbs are filled with ionized gas, similar to neon or fluorescent light bulbs.

In a more complicated process than is seen in halogen bulbs, HID bulbs generate light utilizing arcing electricity through the lamp, which results in a glow that is more intense in brightness and cooler in color temperature. Xenon bulbs are slightly more expensive than halogen bulbs by the same manufacturer, although the price gap has become smaller in the last several years.

Halogen Headlights vs LED Headlights

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has become one of the most common replacements for traditional light bulbs in homes, workplaces, and cars -- and vehicle headlights are indeed no exception. Rather than generating light through means of a single large lamp, various arrangements the 2mm wide LED bulbs can be used to create stylish arrangements for running lights or can be clustered together to be used as a headlight bulb. While LED technology is often treated as a panacea in the conversation of energy efficiency, its application for vehicle headlights grows more and more commonplace.

Halogen Headlight -
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SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulbs High Performance SilverStar zXe
Philips Halogen Headlight Bulbs X-tremeVision
SYLVANIA Halogen Headlight Bulbs Ultra High Performance SilverStar
Philips Halogen Headlight Bulb Ultra Upgrade CrystalVision
GE Halogen Headlight Bulbs Nighthawk PLATINUM

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